immersion cleaning system

The AtlanticTR is a multi-chamber immersion cleaning system designed for the highest cleanliness requirements of modern high-tech manufacturing. As a multi-stage ultrasound cleaning system, it is used in the field of ultra-fine cleaning and in the high-purity sector.

The components are transported by means of an automated portal transfer unit. The number of treatment stages depends on the required processing steps for achieving the defined component cleanliness. The chemical cleaning action of the medium removes the adhering contamination. The cleaning action is supported by a rotating and/or oscillating lifting motion during immersion. This can be further amplified by using ultrasound elements and pressure flooding units.

Drying is optionally carried out by blasting the parts in a hot air dryer or in a vacuum dryer.

  • Optimum cleaning with a perfectly adapted combination of immersion/spraying, rotation, oscillation, pressure flooding and ultrasound
  • Individual configuration of lifting and oscillation
  • Modular design
  • Individual handling and transport systems
  • Complete wetting of the surface to be cleaned
  • Separation of cleaning media
  • Selection of different cleaning media possible (immersion, flood or spray cleaning)
  • Flexible integration of the system into the production process (in-line)
Basic system
Cleaning system: Immersion cleaning, spray cleaning, ultrasound cleaning
Operating principle: Oscillating lifting and lowering of the lift-and-lower device in the immersion baths
Tank systems: Separately heated single-tank or multi-tank systems
Loading: Manual or automated
Housing: Stainless steel tank frame and tray modules
Tank insulation: Stainless steel insulation panels
Control and operation: Siemens Simatic with user-friendly Siemens touch panel
Bath monitoring: Libelle Fluid Control for maximum quality of the processing water
Filter system: Surface flooding and/or bypass filtration
Smart Cleaning

Intelligent cleaning with BvL apps and digital networking. Transparent process information for predictive system diagnostics and maintenance: efficient and automatic.

Variants and conveyor systems

The immersion cleaning system is configured individually, depending on requirements. The number and type of the different immersion tanks and treatment stations for cleaning and drying are configured to meet the requirements at hand.
We can deliver the right conveyor system for your component, depending on size, geometry and weight.