Stark und kräftig wie der Ozean sind auch unsere Drehtelleranlagen Ocean

Ocean Turntable Cleaning Systems

Technical cleanliness through rotation of components

With a variety of different models, the Ocean turntable systems from BvL are designed for many different cleaning tasks, even with strong contamination and high loads. The spray cleaning process reliably removes oil, grease, cooling emulsion and swarf from industrial components. The rotation of the parts carrier or nozzle frame ensures efficient cleaning all-around.

The individual process steps, such as washing, rinsing and drying, are conducted in one chamber. This allows the space-saving cleaning system with easy and ergonomic access to be ideally integrated into your production process.

  • Spray cleaning with vertical rotation system for high efficiency
  • Processing steps in one chamber: cleaning, rinsing, drying
  • Nozzles and nozzle frames can be adapted to the component

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