NiagaraDFS 800-2980

NiagaraDFS 800

Year of manufacture 2015; machine number 2980

NiagaraDFS is a flood/spray cleaning system with revolving wheel technology. Ultrasound cleaning (optional) achieves a high level of cleanliness. All processing steps are carried out in one chamber. Rotating the parts baskets or parts carriers around the horizontal axis ensures all-round thorough cleaning.

Basic system
Cleaning system: Flood-spray cleaning with flat spray nozzles
Operating principle: Revolving wheel system with stationary nozzle frame

System accessories

  • Drain pump, stainless steel version
  • Stainless steel floor drip pan
  • Steam exhaust fan with pressure connector
  • Additional nozzle system
  • Duplex filter 100 μm as Topline bag filter
  • Single filter 50 μm as Topline bag filter
  • Cascade guiding for 2 baths as rinsing bath maintenance
  • Plate phase separator 200 for oil separation, cleaning
  • Automatic feed and discharge device for roller conveyor loading
  • Pump pressure increase to approx. 13 bar, cleaning
  • Ultrasound equipment
  • Vacuum drying

Price on request

NiagaraDFS 800-2980 NiagaraDFS 800-2980 NiagaraDFS 800-2980