NiagaraDFS von BvL als Gebrauchtanlage aus dem Jahr 2017

NiagaraDFS 800

Construction year 2017; Machine number 3158

NiagaraDFS is a flood/spray cleaning system with revolving wheel technology. Ultrasound cleaning (optional) achieves a high level of cleanliness. All processing steps are carried out in a chamber. Rotating the baskets or workpiece holders around the horizontal axis ensures all-round thorough cleaning.

Basic system
Cleaning system: spray/flood cleaning with flat spray nozzles
Operating principle: revolving wheel system with static nozzle frame

System accessories

  • Libelle Fluid Control
  • Steam extraction fan
  • Drain pump
  • Floor drip pan
  • Additional nozzle system
  • Simplex filter 100 µm
  • Cascade guide for two baths as rinsing bath care
  • Detergent dosage over the washing time
  • Circulating air drying
  • Control panel TP700
  • Automatic cross-movement table for robot loading

Price on demand

Gebrauchte BvL-Reinigungsanlage mit Flut-/Spritzfunktion NiagaraDFS aus dem Jahr 2017 Detailansicht einer NiagaraDFS Reinigungsanlage mit Querverschiebetisch gebraucht