OceanRC 750-1618

OceanRC 750

Construction year 2000; Machine number 1618

The cleaning system OceanRC (formerly "Rotocleaner") is an automatic cleaning and degreasing system with an easy to open lid and removable rotating basket. 

The cleaning is carried out by means of a fixed special nozzle system with flat jet nozzles and a driven rotating basket. A U-shaped spraying system ensures easy operation with high efficiency. The spraying system is supplied by a powerful circulating pump, which ensures intensive treatment.


Basic system
Cleaning system: spray cleaning with flat spray nozzles
Operating principle: driven rotating basket

System accessories

  • Spray system with flat spray nozzles
  • Detergent tank
  • Circulating pump with carbide mechanical seal
  • Electromotive basket drive by means of friction wheel
  • Steam exhaust fan
  • Built-in disc skimmer

Price on demand

OceanRC 750-1618 OceanRC 750-1618