YukonDAD 2478

Construction year 2012; Machine number 2478

YukonDA is a spray cleaning system for continuous material flow which is adapted to customer requirements. The parts pass through the successive treatment zones continuously (synchronised if required). Cleaning is carried out by guiding the parts past the fixed nozzle systems.

Basic system
Cleaning system: spray cleaning with flat spray nozzles
Operating principle: pass-through process for continuous cleaning of components

System accessories

  • Circulating pumps with carbide mechanical seal
  • Safety shutdown of the heating elements and pump
  • Detergent tank
  • Drain connection with ball valve
  • Removable basket filter for coarse contamination
  • Control Siemens S7-300 / CPU 313 C 6ES7 313-5BF03-OABO
  • Electrical heating, adjustable via touch panel
  • Individual wash time programming
  • Vapour extraction with integrated droplet separator frequency controlled
  • Single filter 200 µm with electrical/optical display
  • Circulating air drying
  • Electrically adjustable stainless steel wire conveyor belt frequency controlled
  • Plant and control cabinet mounted on a transport rack
  • Lateral maintenance hatch
  • Compressed air monitoring
  • OP 77A 6AV6 641-OBA11-OAX1

Price on demand

YukonDAD-2478 YukonDAD-2478