Wie Wasser durch einen Fluss durchlaufen Bauteile unsere Reinigungsanlagen der Serie Yukon

Yukon continuous cleaning systems

Continuous material flow with reliable component cleanliness

A continuous system from the BvL Yukon series stands for reliable component cleanliness, even with short cycle times and high throughput. It is therefore the ideal in-line solution for series production with continuous material flow. Depending on the cleanliness requirement and level of contamination, we design a single-stage or multi-stage washing, rinsing or drying process. For smooth integration into the existing production line, conveyor system and workpiece holder system can also be customised.

The individual cleaning stages work autonomously and can run in cycles or continuously. The powerful spray nozzle system can be adapted to hard-to-reach, complex components. It works with precision and efficiency on individual parts as well as on positioned and basket goods.

  • Spray cleaning for continuous material flow
  • Individually adapted nozzles for targeted cleaning and drying
  • Separated treatment zones for thorough cleanliness
  • Smooth integration through adaptable conveyor systems
  • Efficient, high throughput for series production

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