Rotary indexing cleaning
Perfect technology

Your process requirements

  • Optimum part cleanliness for greater process reliability
  • Compact cleaning solution with low space requirements
  • Simple to implement in robot cells and production lines
  • Automated or manual feed 
  • Loading/unloading in the same position
  • For large quantities and short cycle times

Rotary indexing system in your production

Implementation possibility of Twister in robot cells and product lines

Our product innovation for you:

Maximum efficiency – minimum space requirements

  • Components are moved through various treatment zones with a rotary platform
  • Simultaneous treatment of the parts in one working chamber minimizes downtime
  • Can be combined with high-pressure and lance technology
  • High productivity with short cycle times

Your advantages at a glance


  • Space-saving design
  • Circular treatment zone layout


  • Targeted cleaning of complex geometries
  • Adjustment of working dimensions and payloads
  • Individual nozzle systems and workpiece holders


  • Many automation options
  • Often deployed in a robot cell
  • Stations can be individually configured 
  • High precision and exact positioning
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