Ofen einer Härterei und Werkstückträgerzeichnung


Cleaning solutions in heat treatment

Heat treatment processes require residue-free, stain-free cleaned components, because residue causes faulty process results. An even layer build-up in subsequent processing is only possible if the components are exceptionally clean. For these special applications, we have developed the spray-flood system NiagaraVE, which impresses with optimum cleaning results and reliability.

The integrated vacuum drying ensures the absolute dryness of workpieces which is often required in hardening shops. This is designed and implemented according to the requirements for your components.

    Advantages NiagaraVE:

  • Suitable for heavy components or many components with high overall weight
  • Residue-free, stain-free cleaned components
  • Temporary corrosion protection can be applied
  • Optimum cleaning despite high batch density

Application examples:

Transport chain cleaning at pewag: NiagaraVE

Before the hardening process, chain manufacturer pewag cleans large batches of transport chains with a NiagaraVE system from BvL. The integrated special nozzle system with flat jet nozzles ensures spray cleaning of the chains in the heat treatment frames from all sides. The subsequent flood cleaning ensures that all remaining contaminations are removed from even the smallest gaps. After a rinsing cycle in both process steps, an integrated circulating air drying dries the parts.

Mit Ketten bestückter Werkstückträger als Waschkorb für Reinigung

Händle saves wait times between washing and nitriding: NiagaraVE

The Händle hardening shop already uses several NiagaraVE systems to make the tasks in several hardening processes more efficient and use less resources. Before heat treatment, all oil contamination and cutting oils and then the protective hardening pastes or quenching oils are removed from the components without residue. The closely spaced special nozzle frame with a large number of lines as well as flooding in the same chamber allow reliable cleaning even on components with complex geometries.

Reinigungsanlage NiagaraVE zur Reinigung von Bauteilen im Härtereiprozess

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