Mitarbeiter bei der Betrachtung von Maschinenbauteilen mit komplexer Geometrie

Mechanical engineering

Cleaning solutions for the entire industrial range

Mechanical engineering has been our speciality from the outset. Our origin with over 150 years in agricultural mechanical engineering contributes to our awareness of how important cleanliness is in a production process.

  • Over 150 years of experience in mechanical engineering
  • Cleaning of new and repair parts
  • Smallest particles on components are removed (up to 2 μm)
  • Improvement of the paint finish

The further processing and final use of the components as well as the variety of different geometries and materials require adapted cleaning solutions. We consider the preparation for painting as well as the removal of the smallest contaminations and reliable deburring of your components.

Unterschiedliche Maschinenbauteile

These can be turned or milled parts or components from welding. Whether cleaning is required before or after assembly – we guarantee a smooth production flow.

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