Wheel sets

Wheel sets

Cleaning solutions for stubborn layers

After trains have been used intensively for many years, the wheel sets also collect a huge amount of soiling in the form of hard encrustations, grease, brake dust, etc. It is also often necessary to remove old and sometimes multiple layers of paint to allow the completion of crack testing or repainting tasks.

Another challenge faced in the cleaning of wheel sets are their heavy weights of up to multiple tonnes. In addition, drive wheel sets and running wheel sets need to be handled differently.

In order to satisfy the cleaning requirements, a large parts system with sufficient space and adapted technology is required – such as our PacificER/TA systems or our Geyser system.


The PacificER is a large volume spray cleaning system. The wheel sets are rotated and cleaned using a nozzle system adapted to their contours. Loading is carried out automatically and at floor level. The PacificTA has a special frame system for the targeted cleaning of hard-to-reach spaces on various different wheel sets.

The Geyser uses a robot system and the power of a high-pressure water jet for cleaning and paint stripping. Depending on level of soiling, cleanliness requirements and paint layers, the pressure range varies from 100 to 3,000 bar.

    Advantages of the PacificTA/ER:

  • Automatic feeding and discharge
  • Individual adaptation of the nozzles to the wheel set
  • Continuous feeding
  • Advantages of the Geyser:

  • Maximum flexibility and precision thanks to robot technology
  • No thermal or mechanical strain on the surface
  • Optionally changeable tools, nozzles and lances

Application examples:

Highest precision and safety in the cleaning of wheel sets with the PacificDTA

A special nozzle system is used to direct water evenly onto the components. Hard-to-reach spaces on various different wheel sets can thus be reliably cleaned. A camera system on the operating panel allows safe one-sided operation of the continuous cycle system.

Radsatz in Reinigungsanlage mit Spezial-Düsensystem

Stripping paint from wheel sets

The Geyser uses a high-pressure water jet of up to 3,000 bar to thoroughly remove paint, rust and other heavy soiling from wheel sets in an environmentally-friendly manner. Various different water tools can be used by the guiding robot as required.

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