Bahn-Drehgestell vor Reinigungsanlage Pacific von BvL im Instandhaltungswerk


Cleaning solutions for large heavyweights

Efficient testing, maintenance and servicing of bogies is only possible after cleaning. Long operating times and high mileage of the trains leave massive contamination on the bogies such as encrustations, grease, break dust.

Cleaning of bogies requires a large-parts system into which the bogies can be introduced on a rail system.

Our PacificTA and GeyserC cleaning systems are ideal for this.

The PacificTA uses a surrounding, oscillating nozzle frame. The GeyserC works with high-pressure technology and a modern robot system.

    Advantages PacificTA:

  • Adapting of nozzles to the bogie
  • Floor level loading
  • Loading from two sides possible
  • Advantages GeyserC:

  • No thermal or mechanical strain on the surface
  • Maximum movement flexibility and precision through robot technology
  • Improved working conditions

Application example:

Cleaning of bogies with PacificTA

The oscillating nozzle frame in the large-parts system allows thorough cleaning of the bogies for use at a large railway maintenance operation. The pit design allows convenient floor-level loading of the heavy components.

Drehgestell im Bahninstandhaltungswerk vor BvL-Reinigungsanlage Pacific

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