Reinigungsanlage Yukon von BvL mit neuen Bahngehäusen zur Einfahrt in die Anlage

New components

Cleaning solutions for a variety of component shapes

Manufacturing new parts for railway traffic also requires reliably removing contamination from components of different shapes and sizes. This is the only way to ensure that workpieces can be processed in the best possible quality for the further production steps or final assembly.

BvL-Reinigungsanlage OceanRW zur Reinigung von neuen Bahnachsen

Application examples:

Heavy train axles clean from inside and outside: OceanRW

While the axle rotates, a special nozzle system removes the machining residue from the outside and from the face-side threaded holes. Integrated blow-out nozzles allow fast, targeted drying of the new train axles.

Neue Bahnachse eingehoben in BvL-Reinigungsanlage OceanRW

Cleaning train wheels in a fully automated production line: YukonDAL

Per hour, 20 new train wheels are introduced horizontally into the YukonDAL continuous system. After cleaning with a surrounding nozzle frame, any cavities are blown out specifically. The system is integrated into the customer’s automated production line.

Neues Bahnrad liegt auf Ketten zur Einfahrt in Yukon-Reinigungsanlage von BvL

Reliably clean and dry axle boxes: YukonDAL

Several axle boxes are simultaneously introduced into the continuous system on sturdy chains. The continuous washing, rinsing and drying process reliably cleans components with a weight of up to 12,500 kg every hour.

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