Wheel bearings
Bediener an Yukon-Reinigunganlage mit einfahrenden liegenden Bahnlagern

Wheel bearings and bearing housings

Cleaning solutions for railways components with complex geometries

Continuous strain, long operating times and high mileage of the trains leave marks and often also damage on the wheel bearings. Cleaning and removing grease and oil is essential for subsequent crack testing and maintenance.

Different shapes and the complex geometry of bearings make cleaning difficult. This is compounded by large amounts of adhering grease and difficult access to the interior spaces.

The cleaning systems have to be able to meet corresponding requirements. The OceanRW turntable system and the YukonDA continuous system can handle the requirements of the bearing housings and wheel bearings, whether cylinder bearings, self-aligning roller bearings or other bearings.

    Advantages OceanRW:

  • Optimised handling and reduced operating times
  • Bearings can be placed directly on the parts carriers
  • Special nozzle system for all-around, intensive spray cleaning
  • Automatic lifting gate
  • Can also be used as a continuous system in cycle operation
  • Advantages YukonDA:

  • High throughput
  • Extremely low handling effort
  • Individual conveying options
  • Specially aligned spray nozzles clean hard-to-reach internal spaces

Application examples:

Automated continuous system for cylindrical roller bearings: YukonDTK

After the first pre-wash with linear motion and slight rotation of the bearings, the bearings are set to self-rotation in the second zone and high water pressure is applied to them. After fine cleaning and rinsing of the cleaning agent residue, intensive drying is achieved with a strong side channel compressor. 

Lager durchfährt stehend die BvL-Reinigungsanlage Yukon

Cleaning of bearing housings in cycle operation: OceanRW

Cleaning is carried out by a special nozzle system while the goods to be cleaned rotate. To achieve the required processing capacity, the cleaning system can be loaded with two load carriers at the same time.

Reinigungsanlage OceanRW mit Scherenhubtisch zur Reinigung von Lagergehäusen

Bearings with covers: YukonDTK

The bearings are moved through the cleaning system horizontally on chains. Pre-cleaning is followed by intensive cleaning. A cleaning lance rotates vertically around the bearing hub. The use of a spray bell keeps the medium locally in the intensive cleaning zone. After fine cleaning, the bearings are reliably dried with a high volumetric air flow and an additional blowing register.

Bahnlager in Yukon-Reinigungsanlage mit Spritzglocke zur Innenreinigung

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