Gezieltes Entgraten von innenliegenden Bohrungen im Motorblock mit Hochdrucklanzen


Fast and economical cleaning of cylinder head covers after machining: Yukon

Aligned positioning of the components on the parts carrier allows targeted cleaning of complex geometries. The cleaning system ensures a high throughput.

Zylinderkopfhauben durchlaufen Reinigungsanlage Yukon von BvL.

Targeted external and internal cleaning of cylinder blocks and cylinder heads: Niagara

Different components with deep-seated, hard-to-reach bores and supply channels (oil, air, water and fuel channels) can be cleaned in a washing chamber. The parts carriers are scanned with a barcode and the corresponding washing program is selected automatically. The vacuum drying integrated into the washing chamber and the subsequent external cooling ensure smooth further processing in downstream production processes.

Zylinderblock in Reinigungskammer einer BvL-Korbwaschanlage NiagaraDFS mit Spezial-Düsensystem

Expert cleaning of different engine components in one system: Niagara

Very fine swarf, dust and other contaminations adhering to bores, joints and blind holes are thoroughly removed from crankcases and crankshafts, connecting rods, starter ring gears and cylinder heads.

Motorenkomponenten in einem Werkstückträger vor der BvL-Reinigungsanlage Niagara zur fachgemäßen Reinigung

Deburring and cleaning of a complete engine block: Geyser

Even complete engine blocks including the water-carrying areas and oil channels can be cleaned and then transported to leak testing and assembly without residue.

Motorblock fährt zur Hochdruckreinigung in BvL-Anlage Geyser ein.

Targeted deburring of oil and water channel bores: Geyser

High-pressure lances with linear guiding, moving into the engine block at different speeds, allow systematic deburring.

Gezieltes Entgraten von innenliegenden Bohrungen im Motorblock mit Hochdrucklanzen

No original components are shown. All images have been retouched.

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