Clean and dry supply lines

Flexible BvL cleaning system meets high cleanliness requirements

A supplier from the automotive industry requires an additional cleaning system that meets special requirements in order to clean different supply lines. In addition to reliable cleanliness in pipelines with the narrowest of diameters, the components should also be completely dry upon leaving the cleaning chamber. The company has been cleaning and drying one section of pipeline using a system from BvL Oberflächentechnik GmbH for four years. The new system was therefore designed and produced by the experienced Emsland company for a larger component batch.

Various component on different goods carriers

The OceanAF cleaning system was designed by BvL so that different goods carrier types can be used in the cleaning chamber. The supply lines to be cleaned are first manually placed in the appropriate goods carriers. The components are so securely braced that tightness is ensured but at the same time, it is guaranteed that the delicate pipes are not damaged. A crane system then lifts the goods carriers into the cleaning chamber. The loaded goods carrier is then sprayed from below with water and the appropriate pressure through various connection points.

Space-saving and efficient washing, rinsing and drying

An intensive wash process is initially completed in the same process chamber that is fed by a two-tank system. The individual lines are completely flooded by the pipes in the goods carriers. Any remaining contamination and cleaning agent is then removed in the same manner using water from the rinsing tank. The return water flows through drains back to the corresponding tank. The required size of the process chamber also ensures that the flow back filter baskets are positioned on the outside. The last process step involves blowing out the supply lines fixed on the goods carriers using side channel compressors. In combination with the components’ intrinsic heat resulting from the wash and rinse process, they are dried quickly and highly efficiently. 

Sophisticated complete system for the highest demands

Using the Libelle Fluid Control from BvL, the cleaning medium is continuously checked, ensuring good bath quality is maintained. Furthermore, a connected plate phase separator ensures reliable oil separation. Using the two-hand operation, the process chamber pneumatic cover opening is also ensured. In addition to looking through the viewing window, the cleaning process can also be observed with the help of an internal integrated waterproof light. 

Participation at the Tube trade fair

Between 16th and 20th April 2018, BvL Oberflächentechnik GmbH will be on stand D6-08 in hall 6 at the Tube trade fair in Düsseldorf to present flexible solutions for metal cleaning.