Die Libelle Produkte von BvL sorgen für Prozesssicherheit und sind eine notwendige Komponente bei jeder Reinigungsanlage

Libelle process reliability

Process monitoring and quality control for future-proof component cleaning

Meeting the specific component cleanliness is a required property of the workpiece to be cleaned. A mandatory technical cleanliness requirement is specified to ensure the functionality of the component. At the same time, the defined cleanliness of the workpiece is important for the subsequent machining process in order to achieve a smooth production sequence. BvL Libelle is used to ensure and check the bath quality and the cleaning performance. Sensors measure and monitor the different factors which influence bath quality and document the process parameters.

  • Libelle Fluid Control - monitors the bath condition
  • Libelle Oil Control - measures the oil content in the medium
  • Libelle Cleaner Control - measures the cleaning agent concentration
  • Libelle Oil Control Solo - measures the film contamination on the component surface
  • Libelle Data Control - documents the process parameters
  • checks and ensures cleaning results
  • minimises reject parts
  • documents the cleaning process
  • optimises bath life

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