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Magnet- und druckgesteuerte Ventile

Emergency strategies and fail-safe operation

Highest machine availability

Fields of application

In many production facilities, the cleaning system is the “bottleneck” through which the components of several processing centres have to pass before they can be used in the further process. It is therefore important to have a system availability of virtually 100%. A safety concept and the selection of suitable components minimise the probability of failure. The emergency strategy covers options for at least partially maintaining the cleaning operation despite possible malfunctions, e.g. through the use of modular, individually controllable systems or through components working in parallel or redundantly to at least partially compensate for the failure of individual components.  

  • increased system availability
  • ensuring cleaning capacity

Available features

  • risk assessment
  • remote diagnosis
  • regular service and maintenance
  • development of an emergency strategy
  • creation of redundancies
Ausfallsicherheit durch einzeln ansteuerbare oder parallel bzw. redundant arbeitende Systeme

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