Filterisolierung, Dampfkondensatoren, Abluftmanagement, energieeffiziente Motoren und viele weitere Komponenten sorgen für Energieeinsparung und das dauerhafte Senken von Betriebskosten

Saving energy

Reduce operating costs

Fields of application

Due to the great consumption of thermal energy, cleaning is one of the energy intensive processes in manufacturing. The energy consumption of a cleaning system has an immediate effect on the manufacturing costs of parts. The BvL energy saving packages use two adjusting screws to reduce energy: they reduce the energy required for cleaning as well as energy losses of the system.

  • lower operating costs

Available features

  • determining the optimum bath temperature
  • determining the optimum cleaning period
  • steam condensers and mist eliminators
  • flow optimised drying (for continuous processing systems)
  • exhaust management
  • insulation
  • use of motors with high energy efficiency
  • heat recovery
  • bath heating systems: electric, gas, tube nest heat exchangers, heating coil, integration of technical heat or external heat
Optionale Isolierungen um Energie zu sparen und Wärmeverluste zu minimieren

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