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Hardening shops

Cleaning solutions for heat treatment processes

Heat treatment processes require residue-free, stainless parts because any residues can cause flawed processing results. The production of an even layer during subsequent processing can only occur if the components are exceptionally clean. We developed the NiagaraVE spray/flood system for these special applications. It stands out due to its optimal cleaning results and reliability.

The integrated vacuum drying system ensures that the workpieces are absolutely dry – which is often an essential requirement in hardening shops. This processing step is included in the design and implementation of the system if required for your parts.

    Advantages of the NiagaraVE:

  • Suitable for heavy parts or lots of parts with a high total weight
  • Residue-free, stainess parts
  • Temporary corrosion protection can be applied
  • Optimal cleaning despite a high batch density

Application examples:

Transport chain cleaning at pewag: NiagaraVE

Before the hardening process, the chain manufacturer pewag cleans large batches of transport chains using a NiagaraVE system from BvL. The special nozzle system with flat jet nozzles that is integrated into the system enables spray cleaning of the chains held in the heat treatment frames from all sides. The subsequent flood cleaning process ensures that any remaining contaminants are freed from even the smallest gaps. Following a rinsing process for both processing steps, the parts are dried in an integrated circulating air drying system.

Mit Ketten bestückter Werkstückträger als Waschkorb für Reinigung

The company Händle saves time between washing and nitrating stages: NiagaraVE

The Händle hardening shop has already installed a number of NiagaraVE systems to ensure that multiple hardening processes can be carried out in a more efficient and resource-conserving manner. Before the heat treatment process, oil contamination and cooling lubricants are removed from the parts. The part are then freed of stop off paints or oil-based quenchants without leaving any residues. The densely arranged special nozzle frames with their many rows of nozzles, as well as the flooding process carried out in the same chamber, also enable the reliable cleaning of parts with complex geometries.

Reinigungsanlage NiagaraVE zur Reinigung von Bauteilen im Härtereiprozess

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