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Mitarbeiter bei der Betrachtung von Maschinenbauteilen mit komplexer Geometrie

Mechanical engineering

Cleaning solutions for the entire range of industrial applications

We have been proficient in the field of mechanical engineering from the very beginning. Our origins over 150 years ago in mechanical engineering for the agricultural technology sector have helped us to understand the importance of cleanliness in production processes.

  • More than 150 years of experience in mechanical engineering
  • Cleaning of new and repaired parts
  • The smallest particles are removed from the parts (up to 2 μm)
  • Improving the paint finish

Customized cleaning solutions are required for the further processing and final use of the parts, as well as to handle the various different geometries and materials of the parts being cleaned. We pay as much attention to preparing parts for subsequent painting processes as we do to the removal of the smallest contaminants and the reliable deburring of the parts.

Unterschiedliche Maschinenbauteile

In the process, we may be dealing with turned and milled parts or parts from welding production processes. Irrespective of whether you require the cleaning process before or after the assembly of the parts, we guarantee that you receive a clean production flow.

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