Railway industry
Bahn in Bewegung und Radsatz einer Bahn

Railway industry

Intelligent cleaning of railway components during production and maintenance processes

BvL Oberflächentechnik GmbH has in-depth specialist knowledge in system design for extreme applications. As a specialist for cleaning processes in rail transport companies, we can call on experience gained in numerous international projects. This ensures that the foundations for many years of precise and fault-free cleaning performance have been laid. Our cleaning systems are suitable for parts as varied as axle bearing caps through to train safety rails so that we can cover all applications in the railway industry both for maintenance tasks and also the production of new railway components.

  • Parts cleaning in new production and maintenance
  • Cleaning of heavy railway components (weighing up to one tonne)
  • Certified by Deutsche Bahn
  • Extensive references in the railway sector

Cleaning during the production of railway components

There are cleaning requirements in the new production of all manner of different railway components. Our cleaning systems are optimally customized to your application. For example, we can clean the internal threaded holes on new railway axles just as reliably as heavy railway wheels or bearings with complicated geometries on a fully automated production line.


Cleaning for maintenance tasks

Train components are subjected to extreme loads and these heavy parts with their complex shapes thus need to be cleaned intensively. Thorough cleaning is thus the only way to allow the completion of any further work that may be required such as maintenance, servicing, painting or quality and crack testing.


Cleaning solutions for various different railway components:

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