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BvL-Reinigungsanlage Niagara mit automatischem Werkstückträgertransport

Handling and automation

Quick and ergonomic

Fields of application

Handling systems facilitate the movement of workpieces. They provide easier transport of the cleaned parts and shorten ancillary system times. Ergonomic factors such as ideal working height or weight transfer also play an important role. Automated transport systems are used for large batches, for production lines with pre-set cycle times or for production using one piece flow. These transport systems can also be designed as intelligent systems so that the correct washing prgram for each batch of parts could be selected directly through a barcode query, for example. 

  • reduction of time required for loading and unloading the system
  • reduction of personnel time
  • increased throughput

Available features

  • integration of the workpiece carrier
  • parts feeding carriage
  • folding lifting table
  • cross-movement table
  • bridge loader
  • roller conveyor (with workpiece buffer, if required)
  • conveyor systems, conveyor belts
  • robot and manipulator systems
  • positioning systems
  • complex, fully automated transport systems with identification systems for workpiece tracking
  • linking of several cleaning systems
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