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Waschgerechter Warenträger bei einer Durchlaufanlage

Workpiece holders suitable for washing

Link between workpiece and cleaning system

Fields of application

The workpiece holder is the link between a workpiece and the cleaning system, influencing the end result, duration and cost of the cleaning. An optimally-selected workpiece holder securely holds the workpiece, allows the best possible accessibility for the cleaning medium, accelerates drying and minimizes spread. Loading and unloading have to be simple, and if required, the workpiece holder also has to be suitable for use as a transport container in production.

  • meeting the requirements for cleaning and drying
  • safety of the component during the cleaning process
  • efficient process guiding with minimal setup work

Available features

  • parts baskets with standardised accommodation systems
  • development of adapted workpiece holders – for sensitive parts or complicated geometric shapes
Speziell angepasste Warenträger der BvL-Oberflächentechnik

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