Vereinfachte Produktionsplanung und -koordination durch Smart Cleaning

Smart Cleaning

Intelligent cleaning with BvL apps

We call it Smart Cleaning - the intelligent way to monitor and control cleaning processes. The new BvL apps provide a clear overview of the system status of your cleaning system. Changes are immediately visible. And your cleaning system is intelligent as well: some apps automatically readjust the process. This allows predictive maintenance based on real time data and your cleaning system can always run in optimum conditions.

  • predictive maintenance
  • high system availability
  • time and cost efficient
  • quality control
  • energy savings
  • simple operation

Smart Cleaning stands for efficient production planning and coordination, leading to higher availability and longer operating periods of your cleaning system. Potential malfunctions are avoided with the help of the integrated sensor system. This allows you to prevent unplanned and costly downtimes while optimizing your maintenance schedule and personnel planning.

The Smart Cleaning apps on your tablet or smartphone provide a remote monitoring option for the individual process steps. The updated, clearly structured app display supports intuitive operation of the cleaning system. This ensures easy and flexible access to quality and performance data anythime, anywhere.

Smart Cleaning ist einfach zu bedienen, spart Zeit und macht glücklich

The apps at a glance:

Cleaning agent management

  • measures the cleaning agent concentration with "Libelle Cleaner Control" and automatically tops up cleaning agent
  • keeps the cleaning agent concentration constant
Smart Cleaning Apps

Exhaust air management

  • determines the humidity in the drying section and controls the exhaust fan through sensors as required
  • controls the exhaust air for flow-through systems to reduce heat output
  • saves energy and water
Smart Cleaning Apps

Drying system control

  • moisture sensor measures the residual moisture in the vacuum chamber
  • reduces the drying time to the necessary minimum
Smart Cleaning Apps

Vacuum filter maintenance forecast

  • shows a prediction for when the filter in the vacuum chamber ventilation has to be changed
Smart Cleaning Apps

Workpiece identification

  • codes on workpieces or carriers are read out by the automation
  • automatically assigns specific processing stages to the workpieces
  • allows allocation and logging of the processing stages and cleaning results
Smart Cleaning Apps

Data Logger

  • saves relevant process parameters and error messages
  • diagnostic data and system states are available quickly
  • tool for evaluation and documentation
Smart Cleaning Apps

Continuous development:

Bag filter usage forecast

  • displays filter contamination
  • calculates the expected remaining time or wash cycles until filter change
Smart Cleaning Apps

Bath change timer

  • determines the condition of the cleaning medium
  • displays the time for a recommended bath change
Smart Cleaning Apps

Pump maintenance

  • controls and monitors the pumps
  • indicates the next maintenance time
Smart Cleaning Apps

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