Industrial cleaning systems

Industrial cleaning systems

Our ultra-modern cleaning systems for industry clean, degrease and deburr all types of metal and non-metal parts, whether parts with challenging geometries or bulky heavyweights.

Professional cleaning systems for every requirement

Industrial cleaning systems meeting the highest demands

Customized cleanliness for your components

Our ultra-modern cleaning systems for industry clean, degrease, paint strip and debur metal and non-metal components of all kinds, be it simple bulk goods, components with challenging geometries or mighty heavyweights.

Innovative cleaning systems offering utmost efficiency

As a competent mechanical engineering company specialising in innovative cleaning systems, we can offer you the right solution for every challenge. Our range covers the entire bandwidth of industrial water-based parts cleaning. It is of no importance, which material your components are made from or their condition. Our professional cleaning systems can even withstand special dimensions and high levels of contamination.

Our compact turntable systems are suitable for standard components, ensuring reliable and thorough cleaning in only one space-saving chamber. Basket washing systems ensure the reliable processing of components with complicated geometries. The high-pressure process allows even stubborn contamination, machining burrs, casting flakes, paint, welding residue and rust to be removed effortlessly. Our rotary indexing system allows parts to be moved using rotary indexing with a rotating nozzle system. Despite offering high cleaning efficiency, all machines used to clean components guarantee delicate surface processing. They can be extended to include additional modules such as vacuum drying and a cooling tunnel, and can be equipped with automated portal solutions.

The ideal cleaning process for your components

Our different system types have been designed so that the varying requirements relating to cleanliness and purity, procedural economy, energy efficiency and environmental friendliness can be met at all times. We determine the optimum cleaning technology for you, we not only offer extensive consultations with our experts, but also comprehensive cleaning trials at our in-house Technical Centre. Precise washing trials with your original component allow us to effectively determine the ecologically and economically ideal combination of system technology, cleaning medium and program sequences.

In addition to optimum cleaning results, we are concerned with ensuring cost-effective and environmentally friendly operation of our industrial cleaning systems, which are in great demand worldwide. We therefore pay close attention to using valuable resources responsibly, even as early as the development stage. Effective heat insulation and cleaning agents being used in a cycle ensure energy and cleaning media are used economically. Since our cleaning systems are easily accessed, we offer excellent maintenance and servicing conditions, thereby ensuring above-average durability of our quality products manufactured in Germany.

Seamless integration into your production sequence

Each of our cleaning systems adapts perfectly to your upstream and downstream processes. Parts handling and workpiece transport take into account the production situation and allow continuous processing with the desired cycle. Our systems, supplemented by the right automation technology, have a sustainable design concept and feature a high level of energy efficiency. Intelligent cleaning monitoring and control from our Smart Cleaning portfolio relieves you of many steps and stands for innovative, future-proof cleaning technology.

Depending on your individual requirements, all cleaning systems can be extended with reliable system components, which ensure process reliability, drying or cooling, for example.

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  • Highly reliable and a long service life
  • Can be configured for individual cleanliness requirements
  • Quality “Made in Germany” with components from renowned manufacturers
  • Low use of resources and energy efficient
  • Intuitive operation
  • Easy access for easy maintenance
  • Many automation options and Smart Cleaning options
  • In-depth industry knowledge
  • Specialist firm in accordance with the German Water Management Act (WHG) (VDA 6.4, ISO 9001, ISO 14001)
Cleaning types

  • Washing and cleaning
  • Degreasing and de-oiling
  • High-pressure cleaning
  • High-pressure deburring
  • High-pressure paint stripping
  • Spray cleaning
  • Flood cleaning
  • Vacuum flood cleaning
  • Ultrasonic cleaning
  • Injection flood cleaning
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Industrial cleaning solutions

Our portfolio includes the right system for every requirement - individually designed for your requirements and your industry.