Libelle Data Control

Libelle Data Control

Documenting process parameters

Internal and external quality control and documentation are becoming increasingly important. The operator can use Libelle Data Control to prove that the system was in optimum operating condition at the time of cleaning. The Panel PC enables simple data recording from up to 16 sensors, e.g. Libelle Fluid Control, Libelle Oil Control, temperature, pressure or other process parameters.

  • proof of cleaning performance for the customer´s records and for internal controlling
  • reduction of residual dirt analyses based on cumulative data
  • simple error analysis through traceability of the parameters
  • display warnings
  • process documentation
Fields of application
  • any cleaning process that is monitored by sensors
  • documentation of the process
  • 7“ touch panel for easy operation
  • up to 16 sensors can be controlled and logged
  • data storage for over 1000 days retrospectively
  • additional network connection options
Libelle Data Control zeigt die Messwerte von bis zu 16 Sensoren an, egal ob Temperatur, Druck, Feuchtigkeit, oder pH- und Leitwert