rotary indexing systems

The TwisterRT is a rotary indexing system in which the goods are transported via a rotating platform through the treatment zones. The loading/unloading zone is in the same position. Cleaning is performed with a powered rotating nozzle system.

Basic system
Cleaning system: spray cleaning with fan nozzles
Functional principle: turntable with multiple treatment zones and rotating nozzle systems
Number of tanks: single and multiple tank systems
Loading: front loading and unloading in the same position
Housing: stainless steel
Tank insulation: stainless steel
Tankisolierung: Edelstahl
Control and operation: Siemens Simatic with Siemens touch panel
Bath monitoring: Libelle Fluid Control
Smart Cleaning

Intelligent cleaning with BvL apps and digital networking!
Transparent process information for predictive diagnostics and maintenance of the system: efficient and automatic.


Depending on requirements, the TwisterRT rotary indexing table is equipped with individual options. Number and type of the different processing stations for cleaning and drying are selected based on the requirements at hand. Depending on size, geometry and weight of the component, the washing and drying systems are designed to ensure that even hard-to-reach areas will be treated.

Integration into your production

The TwisterRT can be integrated into production lines and robot cells. Manual loading is also possible.

At a glance
  • optimum part cleanliness for a greater process reliability
  • compact cleaning solution with low space requirements
  • simple to implement in robot cells and production lines
  • automated or manual feed
  • loading/unloading in the same position
  • for large quantities and short cycle times
  • can be combined with high-pressure/lance technology

Technology in detail

  • circular treatment zone layout
  • rotating platform for mounting and moving the parts
  • spray cleaning with vertically rotating nozzle system
  • 360° part cleaning with special nozzle system
  • simultaneous treatment of the parts in one working chamber
  • nozzles and nozzle frames can be adapted to the part
  • working dimensions, load capacities and pump capacities can be adapted

Parts proceed through the process steps within a chamber in various treatment zones

  • washing, rinsing (optinoal), drying (optional)
  • the treatment zones can be adapted individually
  • high-performance drying system, designed for complex part geometries
  • increased pump capacity
  • bath maintenance options
  • process reliability: Libelle Cleaner Control, Libelle Oil Control, Libelle Data Control, remote diagnosis
  • cascade guiding
  • handling systems: gantry cells, robots
  • floor drip tray
  • can be combined with high-pressure/lance technology
  • other system components
Application examples