For clean parts on a conveyor belt

The YukonDA is a spray continuous cleaning system for continuous material flow which is adapted to customer requirements. The parts pass through the successive treatment zones continuously (cycled if required). Cleaning is carried out by moving the parts past the fixed nozzle systems.

BvL continuous cleaning system can be perfectly adapted to your production process. The nozzle systems are also customized to suit your components, ensuring thorough cleaning even in hard-to-reach places.

Basic system
Cleaning system: spray cleaning with flat spray nozzles
Functional principle: flow-through process for continuous cleaning of the parts
Tank systems: separately heated single-tank or multi-tank systems
Loading: manual or automated
Housing: low-maintenance stainless steel for a perfect look
Tank insulation: stainless steel for high energy efficiency
Control and operation: Siemens Simatic with user-friendly Siemens touch panel
Bath monitoring: Libelle Fluid Control for the best quality processing water
Filter system: removable basket filter removes large particles of dust during the flow back of the cleaning/rinsing process
Smart Cleaning

Intelligent cleaning with BvL apps and digital networking. Transparent process information for predictive diagnostics and maintenance of the system: efficient and automatic.

Versions and conveyor systems

You receive the right conveyor system for your component based on its size, geometry and weight:

  • YukonDAK: Chain conveyor with special workpiece holders for the basket goods to be cleaned
  • YukonDAD: An eye link belts moves the parts through the cleaning system in a horizontal or vertical position
  • YukonDAH: An overhead conveyor that transports larger workpieces through the system in a suspended position

Integration into your production

At a glance
  • for high throughput
  • for continuous material flow
  • as in-line solutions
  • for integration into the production process

Technology in detail

  • surrounding nozzle frame, offset nozzle arrangement allows cleaning from all sides
  • separation of treatment zones reduces mixing
  • nozzles and nozzle frames adapted to the component
  • usable dimensions, load capacities and pump capacities can be adapted

The processing steps are carried out in successive treatment zones:

  • spray cleaning - sequence of different wet treatment zones (washing, degreasing, phosphating, rinsing, passivating)
  • drying
  • Nevada drying systems: blow-off device, circulating air drying, vacuum drying
  • handling: workpiece holders, clamps, multi-track conveyor technology, with separate drives if required, adapted to the on-site conveyor technology (chutes, roller conveyors, robot loading, automation)
  • cleaning capacity adapted to customer requirements
  • bath maintenance options (e.g. filtration systems, oil separator)
  • cascade arrangement of the tanks to extend the useful life of media
  • process reliability: Libelle Cleaner Control, Libelle Oil Control, Libelle Data Control, remote diagnostics
  • Arctic cooling systems
  • degaussing systems
  • floor drip tray
  • other system components
Application examples