Libelle Oil Control Solo S

Libelle Oil Control Solo S

Measuring film contamination on the component surface

After the cleaning process, the quality of the component surface should meet the requirements for oil and grease removal. Otherwise, the result might be the production of an entire batch of rejects. A visual check is often not sufficient for high requirements. The Libelle Oil Control Solo S allows direct quality control. The film contamination on the component is output on an Android smartphone. The device is connected to the sensor with a USB-C adapter cable. The measured values can be linked to a photograph with the smartphone. We also offer a single-handed holder as an accessory that leaves one hand free for the workpiece. Data can be exported from the smartphone with a USB cable or through the network in the usual ways.

Libelle Oil Control Solo S
  • mobile verification of component cleanliness with regard to film contamination
  • quick decision whether the component is suitable for the subsequent process
  • allows direct intervention when component cleanliness changes (e.g. monitoring of processing measures)
  • optimization of bath life and bath change
Fields of application
  • checking whether components are free from oil
  • e.g. cleaning before coating, painting, glueing, welding