Component monitoring

Component monitoring and control

Focus on the essential: your component

The reliable cleanliness of your individual components is essential for ensuring the required process reliability. Our Smart Cleaning solutions for component monitoring and control offer various options for adapting to your application. These include mobile checks for film-type contamination, automatic workpiece detection or component position monitoring for perfect cleaning.

  • Mobile checks of component cleanliness with regard to film contamination


  • Checks the cleaning result
  • Automatic reading of codes on workpieces or carriers


  • Allocation and logging of the processing stages and cleaning results
  • Visual monitoring of components before and (if required) after cleaning
  • Artificial intelligence evaluates the images and transfers the results to the system operator or the controller


Self-learning app

  • Teaching during production with 200 to 300 photographs per component
  • Takes ambient conditions into account


  • Quality assurance and process reliability for optimum cleaning

"Position Monitoring" app

  • Checks the component position ("anti-rotation protection")
  • Counts the components

Under development:

  • "Component Identification" app
  • "Stain Detection" app
  • "Material Defect/Damage" app
  • "Dimensional Accuracy" app