high-pressure processes

The Geyser uses a high-pressure water jet for cleaning and deburring. The pressure range can be adjusted to between 100 and 3,000 bar depending on the component, material and residual contamination requirements. We perform extensive tests at our Technical Center to determine the optimum parameters.

High-pressure cleaning

Persistent contaminants, such as shavings/filings, welding residues, silicates, etc. can be loosened effortlessly with high force.

High-pressure deburring

Machining burrs, casting flakes and shavings/filings can be reliably removed – even from workpieces with technically complex geometries. The high-pressure jet is directed at the critical points of the component so that even those components with deep or small holes, blind holes and undercuts can be deburred with ease thanks to the high kinetic energy of the jet.

  • variable pressure range allows for different applications
  • robot system for maximum flexibility
  • can be combined with precleaning, fine cleaning, drying and cooling
GeyserVM high-pressure supply module
Pump unit: frequency-controlled high-pressure pump; variable pressure pump
Equipment enclosure: integrated pre-pressure pump, filtration system and high-pressure pump
Circuit cooling: cooling of the high-pressure pump via a heat exchanger
Supply: from the cleaning system tank or optionally via an integrated storage tank
Housing: complete stainless steel housing including the floor pan
Control and operation: Siemens Simatic with Siemens touch panel or integrated into the controls of the cleaning system
Geyser AE high-pressure work unit
Processing chamber: high-pressure unit integrated into the wet cell
Water tools: specifically aligned nozzles, multiple rotating nozzles or individual lances
changeable tools for various different applications
integrierter, wassergeschützter Roboter (optional)
Workpiece guidance: nozzle guided to workpiece or workpiece guided to water tool
integrated, water-proof robots (optional)
Integration: can be combined with pre-cleaning, subsequent fine cleaning, drying and cooling
Smart Cleaning

Intelligent cleaning with BvL apps and digital networking. Transparent process information for predictive diagnostics and maintenance of the system: efficient and automatic.

Technology in detail

  • Cleaning medium passes through a circuit or the waste water process
  • Absolute reliability thanks to filter technology
  • High-pressure processes in a wet cell
  • Robot technology (optional) offers maximum flexibility for the range of movement, conversion, as well as changing processing sequences and new geometries
  • No thermal or mechanical strain on the components
  • High efficiency thanks to short cycle times
Application examples