Libelle Product Control

Libelle Product Control

Your demand: Cleaning with a focus on quality

  • Securing production quality
  • Correct positioning of the components in the parts carrier
  • Reliable cleaning results
  • Documentation of the components before and after cleaning

Our innovation as the solution: Libelle Product Control

Component monitoring before and, if necessary, after cleaning:

  • Camera technology records and stores photographs
  • "Position Monitoring" app counts components and checks their position
  • Assessment with artificial intelligence
  • Results transferred to operator or control system

Individual teaching process:

  • Libelle Product Control is taught for individual components
  • 200 to 300 photographs are taken per component
  • Process during production
  • Takes into account the local ambient conditions
Libelle Product Control

Component monitoring for reliable cleaning results

  • The camera technology is taught for individual components.
  • A rotated or missing component is detected immediately.
  • Error message and correction information are output for the operator.