Libelle Cleaner Control

Libelle Cleaner Control

Monitoring cleaner concentration

Almost all cleaning processes require the addition of cleaning chemicals with a set concentration. If the concentration is too low, the contamination cannot be removed from the component by the medium. Excessive concentration results in higher costs as well as undesired chemical reactions. For the operator of the cleaning system, it is also helpful to know the exact concentration of the cleaning substance in the medium. This is the only way to effectively replenish the cleaning agent in order to ensure constant cleaning performance. Information about the cleaning agent concentration is output by either the machine display or the optional Libelle Data Control.

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  • unmanned, precise and continuous measuring of cleaner concentration
  • allows direct intervention when the concentration of the cleaning agent changes
  • option for automatic top up of cleaning chemicals
  • reduction of rejects caused by insufficient cleaning performance
  • optimized bath life
  • maintenance free sensor
  • process reliability
Fields of application
  • any cleaning process using cleaning chemicals 
  • replaces titration

Measurement of the acoustic properties of a liquid: These properties are strongly influenced by the amount of cleaning substances in the medium. If these properties change, the concentration in the medium will also be altered. Comparison with a calibration curve allows exact determination of the concentration in the medium than would be possible with manual methods (e.g. titration). 

Libelle Cleaner Control, mannlose und präzise Messung der Reinigerkonzentration

Random manual titration can only provide imprecise results and causes large fluctuation of cleaner concentration. This example shows how using Libelle Cleaner Control with automatic dosing markedly decreases these fluctuations. The cleaner concentration is controlled precisely and cleaning performance is kept constant.

Einsatz der Cleaner Control mit automatischer Dosierung verringert Schwankungen der Reinigerkonzentration