Your specialist for automotive engineering

Your specialist for automotive engineering

Maximum technical cleanliness for transmissions and powertrain elements for the automotive and commercial vehicles industries as well as for agricultural machinery – because the requirements for technical cleanliness increase with each new generation in automotive engineering.

Automotive engineering

Your specialist for powertrain cleaning processes

Clean parts are absolutely essential in the automotive and commercial vehicle industries, as well as the agricultural engineering industry. In order to meet the high requirements for cleanliness, modern and reliable cleaning technologies are required.

The removal of swarf, cooling lubricants or drilling emulsions and the deburring of gearbox and engine components are everyday production tasks in automotive engineering for you as a manufacturer or supplier. A special challenge is, for example, the cleaning and drying of supply lines and hard-to-reach ducts for oil, air, water and fuel.

We design and produce the right cleaning system for your special requirements. Axle supports, complete engine blocks, crankshaft bearings, gearbox housings, transformer components and cylinder heads thus receive the required level of technical cleanliness.

Due to their high power densities and low tolerances, the parts have increasingly complex geometries. Low levels of contamination can result in extensive damage. Therefore, technical cleanliness is absolutely critical even in the tiniest holes and undercuts. We customize our integrated systems to your complex parts.

Our system planning also takes into account your production volume and time specifications and integrates the system optimally into your production flow. Your upstream and downstream operating steps determine our system concept. This ensures we meet your highest cycle and throughput requirements.

Guaranteeing the technical availability of your production processes is our goal. Alongside the safety of the system operator, the space requirements at the installation site are just as important as the safe feeding of the parts into the system and low consumption of resources.

  • Preliminary, intermediate and fine cleaning of even the smallest holes and lines
  • High-pressure Geyser process for deburring or cleaning with up to 3,000 bar
  • Reliable removal of particulates and film contamination
  • Reliable integration of the system into the series production process with short cycle times
  • Global references from the automotive engineering industry