High flexibility with BvL Geyser high-pressure deburring

High-pressure unit allows variety of combinations with other cleaning processes

The high level of complexity of components in all industries and the continuously increasing cleaning requirements demand special flexibility from cleaning processes. Individual process sequences in production require customised cleaning systems. In light of these aspects, BvL Oberflächentechnik GmbH has developed a modular system concept for high-pressure cleaning, especially for deburring.

High-pressure unit Geyser for universal use
The GeyserVM high-pressure unit is the core of any high-pressure cleaning unit from BvL. An especially powerful high-pressure pump generates a water jet which is used for cleaning and deburring, depending on the requirements. The smallest swarf, strongly adhering contaminations and even strong burrs can be removed reliably with an adjustable pressure of up to 3,000 bar and a volumetric flow of up to 48 l/min. Sensors monitor the high-pressure unit to ensure maximum system reliability.

Different nozzle systems for individual processing
The water jet generated by the GeyserVM high-pressure unit can also be used for cleaning thanks to an individually tailored nozzle system. The most common application, however, is still deburring. For bores and channels in the component, for example, a lance system is installed with a nozzle that rotates 360° around the longitudinal axis of the lance system. The high kinetic energy breaks the burrs and detaches them from the component. A robot-controlled nozzle system is ideal if targeted deburring is required on specific defined areas of a component. The robot guides either the component to the nozzle or the nozzle to the component. For larger areas, the workpiece is deburred with a rotating nozzle.

Combination with other BvL cleaning systems
The GeyserVM high-pressure unit can be flexibly combined with one or several BvL cleaning systems. For deburring, the component is moved past a rotating nozzle system which is supplied with the water jet by the GeyserVM high-pressure unit. During the further cleaning process, components can be spray-cleaned in a Yukon continuous spray cleaning system directly afterwards. It is also possible to combine the high-pressure process with the NiagaraDFS. This system type is frequently used for components with complex geometries. The spray/flood process achieves a very high level of cleanliness. The Geyser high-pressure unit can also be integrated into a station of the Twister rotary indexing system. The other processing stations are equipped depending on the requirements.

Robotergeführte Hochdruckeinheit Geyser mit Wasserstrahl Hochdruckverfahren Geyser kombiniert mit BvL-Durchlaufanlage Yukon