Groß und mächtig wie der Pazifik sind auch unsere Großteileanlagen der Baureihe Pacific

Pacific large-parts systems

Intensive cleaning for clean heavyweights

The BvL large-parts systems from the Pacific series ensure maximum cleaning performance for particularly challenging components. Cleaning is conducted with an oscillating surrounding nozzle frame which moves along the workpieces. Nozzles and nozzle frames can be configured to also allow front or rear treatment as well as special cleaning of railway components.

Whether very high weights or extreme dimensions – the variable, robust design of the different loading and conveying systems can be individually adapted to any heavyweight component. Floor-level continuous systems are implemented with the tanks placed in a pit. This often facilitates handling, replaces manual cleaning and accelerates cycle times.

  • Spray cleaning of large parts
  • Individually configurable, oscillating special nozzle system
  • Various loading and transport systems
  • Reduced mixing with a separate nozzle frame for each tank

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