Easy removal of stubborn oil-graphite contaminations

Easy removal of stubborn oil-graphite contaminations

The NiagaraDFS is a flood/spray cleaning system especially for small parts in baskets or individual parts on workpiece carriers. Thorough allaround cleaning is achieved through rotation of the parts baskets/carriers, removing e.g. stubborn oil-graphite contaminations.

  • Spray/flood system with flat spray nozzles
  • Revolving wheel system with stationary nozzle frame
  • The parts carrier rotates or swivels around the horizontal axis
  • Optional: stationary parts carrier with rotating nozzle system
  • Optional: different automation options
  • Optional: ultrasonic cleaning for a particularly good cleaning results
  • Standard: Libelle Fluid Control – monitors the condition of the bath
  • Optional: integrated circulating air drying
  • Optional: integrated or external vacuum drying
  • Optional: Libelle Oil Control – measures oil content in the medium
  • Optional: Saturn – cleaning through central supply

Cleaning system with charging portal

With this automation solution, the cleaning system is seamlessly integrated into a highly automated production process at an automotive supplier factory. Unmanned operation of the cleaning system ensures efficient and reliable component feeding.

Special revolving wheel technology

Here, the parts basket rotates around the horizontal axis in the cleaning chamber. As an alternative, the system can also be designed with an upright parts basket and rotating nozzle system.

Cleaning of belt pulleys before nitrating

Stubborn oil-graphite contaminations are removed thoroughly, allowing subsequent nitrating without problems. The belt pulleys are placed in a basket in several layers. Plastic wire netting between the layers ensures that the components do not damage each other due to the rotation during the cleaning process.