Efficient 360 degree cleaning before heat treatment

Efficient 360 degree cleaning before heat treatment

The OceanRW is a universal spray cleaning system. Vertical rotation of the parts carrier around the special U-shaped nozzle system ensures all-round, thorough cleaning with a low investment volume. This system type has different model variants and allows e.g. an extended usable height or a configuration for high loads – even with loading at floor level.

  • Singe or multiple tank systems
  • Spray cleaning with flat spray nozzles
  • Rotating parts holder with a static nozzle system for all-round cleaning of the components
  • U-shaped special nozzle system
  • Loading from both sides or synchronized flow possible
  • Extended usable height possible
  • Standard: Libelle Fluid Control – monitors the condition of the bath
  • Optional: integrated circulating air drying
  • Optional: external Nevada vacuum drying
  • Optional: Libelle Oil Control – measures oil content in the medium
  • Optional: Saturn – cleaning through central supply

Hardening frame with high weight and large dimensions

All-around cleaning with high volumetric flow before nitrating and gearwheels on a hardening frame with high load capacity and large circumference.

U-shaped special nozzle system with flat spray nozzles

This cleaning principle allows efficient and economical cleaning with a low investment volume. The usable height of the cleaning chamber was specially adapted to high components and the number of nozzle rows was individually tailored to the application.

Floor-level loading

Pit installation of the cleaning system allows easy, floorlevel loading of components with increased weight. A customer charging carriage can be used here, e.g. using a rail system integrated into the cleaning system.