Fast and economical cleaning of oily workpieces

Fast and economical cleaning of oily workpieces

In the Yukon continuous cleaning system, the components move through the different treatment zones in the Yukon continuously or cycled if required. Cleaning is achieved by moving the parts past the fixed nozzle systems.

The Yukon system ensures reliable parts cleanliness even with short cycle times and high throughput. They are therefore ideal for continuous material flows as an inline solution for series production.

Even hard-to-reach areas of the components are thoroughly cleaned of oil etc. thanks to a nozzle system that is individually tailored to the respective component.

  • Spray cleaning with surrounding nozzle frame
  • Offset arrangement of flat spray nozzles for all-around cleaning
  • Nozzles and nozzle frames individually adapted to the component
  • Blow-off device
  • Variable conveyor systems, adapted to on-site conveyor installation (slides, roller conveyors, robot loading, automation)
  • Standard: Libelle Fluid Control – monitors the condition of the bath
  • Optional: integrated circulating air drying
  • Optional: external Nevada vacuum drying
  • Optional: Libelle Oil Control – for measuring oil content in the medium
  • Optional: Saturn – cleaning through central supply

Oil-free hollow wheels before hardening

The tightly stacked hollow wheels are cleaned thoroughly down to the joints. The offset arrangement of the nozzles in the cleaning chamber allows oil contamination to be removed all around.

Gearbox components in hardening frame with high packing density

Even densely packed, these pawls are cleaned down to the smallest holes before hardening. The cleaning system allows short cycle times with high throughput.

Reliable cleaning thanks to adapted filtration and processing systems

For workpieces with strong oil contamination, the filtration and processing systems of the cleaning system can be adapted individually. This guarantees reliable cleaning before hardening with long bath lifetimes.