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Cleaning solutions for manufacturing household appliances and cookware

Clean metal surfaces:

free from grease and stains

Water-based cleaning prepares components for enameling or for bonding and welding processes. Stamping, deep drawing and forming parts also have to be cleaned for subsequent processes. Residue of corrosion protection, drawing agents and flash rust is removed from the metal surface.

Bath processing ensures optimum bath life. Oils and particles that were previously washed off are removed efficiently. This process often uses large-volume plate phase separators, vacuum evaporators and filters.

Reliable drying of workpieces
Reliable drying of the metal surface is absolutely necessary for subsequent processes – in particular for recessed areas, e.g. folds or undercuts. Our systems include an integrated or external drying system to achieve targeted drying results.

major appliances

Continuous cleaning system for oven inserts

An overhead conveyor transports the oven inserts through the BvL cleaning system on two tracks. Both tracks can also be operated independently. During the process, the parts are cleaned, rinsed and dried in several consecutive steps. After cleaning, the parts are free from oil, dirt and salt residue. An effective combination of air blasting and drying zones ensures reliable removal of unwanted residual moisture. This applies in particular to folded edges and undercuts.

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Efficient heating concepts

We integrate cleaning technology intelligently into the existing processes and resources. Process heat (e.g. district heating or gas heating), for example, can also be used for heating the bath in the cleaning system. Heat recovery options or hybrid heating technologies can also be used. This ensures energy savings and makes the cleaning system environmentally friendly. 

Perfectly integrated into your production process
Our cleaning system can be ideally integrated into your production process: The configuration of the system is determined by your in-house processes. In the manufacturing of household appliances and cookware, high throughput rates and continuous conveyor technology often determine the production process, which we pick up with our BvL cleaning system.

Process reliability

Traceability is another requirement for modern production processes which we can meet with targeted component scans and documentation solutions from our “Smart Cleaning” range.

Libelle Oil Control measures and checks the oil content of the cleaning medium and signals when the bath quality is no longer sufficient. This allows operators to directly intervene if changes in the bath condition occur.

Libelle Oil Control Solo can be used for checks directly on the component surfaces.

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