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Other industries

Specific cleaning solutions for complex applications

Almost all industries require clean components, especially for technically sophisticated products or machining processes. Regardless of the area of application where reliable cleaning systems are required, we develop flexible and customised solutions to meet your cleanliness requirements.

In addition to the most common industries, we also have well-founded expert knowledge and experience in other areas of application such as aerospace, medical technology, wind energy and electrical engineering.

  • Expert knowledge for technical cleanliness on a variety of different components
  • Renowned, satisfied customers in different industries
  • Cleaning systems designed for specific industry requirements
  • Professional consulting and washing trials for individual cleaning solutions

Application example:

Reliable cleaning system for blank implants: NiagaraMO

A Swiss medical technology company uses a NiagaraMO for pre-treatment of titanium blanks for a high-vacuum heating process. The compact, enclosed basket washing system is packed with great features: A special spray-flood process with subsequent rinsing cycles and another passivation step ensure thorough cleaning of the implant components. These are then dried in the universal parts carriers manufactured by BvL using a powerful hot-air drying system.

NiagaraMO Korbwaschanlage von BvL zur Reinigung von Medizintechnik-Teilen

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