Cleaning solutions for stators and rotors

Before drive motors can be checked and serviced, it is necessary to remove any large soiling and also oil, grease and carbon dust. Cleaning hard-to-reach spaces, angled recesses, really high component weights and ensuring that the parts are 100 percent dry requires large and precise cleaning systems.

The OceanRW turntable system offers the best prerequisites for this special application. It is possible to reliably clean the stators from the inside due to the extensible internal lances.

    Advantages of the OceanRW:

  • Optimal handling and shorter operating times
  • Special nozzle system for all-around, intensive cleaning
  • An expendable lance powerfully cleans stators from the inside
  • Absolute dryness due to the integrated vacuum drying system

Application example:

Thorough internal and external cleaning of stators: OceanRW

The turntable system was equipped for the additional intensive cleaning of stators using a special center spray lance. It is also essential that the copper windings are one hundred percent dry. This is achieved using an integrated air drying system with powerful vertical and horizontal blow-out nozzles. The 3-tank system is fitted with cascade guiding for rinsing bath maintenance.

Innenansicht der Reinigungsanlage OceanRW von BvL mit ausgefahrener Lanze zur Bahn-Statorenreinigung