New components

New components

Cleaning solutions for various differently shaped components

In the new production of parts for the rail transport sector, it is also necessary to reliably remove contaminants from railway components with different sizes and geometries. This is the only way to guarantee that the workpieces are in the best condition for subsequent processing steps or final assembly.

BvL-Reinigungsanlage OceanRW zur Reinigung von neuen Bahnachsen

Application examples:

Heavy railway axles cleaned on the inside and outside: OceanRW

While the axle rotates, a special nozzle system removes all machining residue from the outside and from the threaded holes on the front of the axle. Integrated blow-out nozzles enable the fast, targeted drying of the new railway axles.

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Cleaning of railway wheels on a fully automated production line: YukonDAL

20 new train wheels are fed into the YukonDAL conveyor system in a horizontal position every hour. After cleaning with the aid of a surrounding nozzle frame, any cavities are then blown out in a targeted manner. The system is integrated into the customer’s automated production line.

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Reliable cleaning and drying of railway housings: Yukon DAL

Multiple railway housings are fed into the conveyor system at the same time on stable chain conveyors.  The continuous washing, rinsing and drying process reliably cleans different components with a weight of up to 12,500 kg every hour.

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