BvL Oberflächentechnik-Mitarbeiter bei der Wartung einer Reinigungsanlage


Prevention rather than repairs

Regular maintenance increases production reliability and prevents downtime. Upon successful checking your machine will receive the “BvL maintenance sticker”. Our service engineers will be happy to provide you with a quotation for your cleaning system. Just contact us.


  • higher productivity and maximum machine availability
  • fewer repairs, more process reliability
  • maintenance and operating costs can be planned
  • improved value retention of the machine
Wartung eines Manometers an einer BvL-Reinigungsanlage

Maintenance package "Basic"

The "Basic" package offers a comprehensive check of the system: checking for correct functioning, cleanliness and excessive wear. It also includes carrying out all adjustment work, smaller maintenance tasks and an instruction for operators, if required. The package is customised to suit your system.

Maintenance package "Classic"

The "Classic" package covers all services from the "Basic" package as well as the replacement of all wear parts to ensure sound functioning of the cleaning system. It is customised to suit your system and includes e.g. plain bearings, drive rollers and seals for lifting gates, maintenance hatches as well as tank valves and return flow valves.

Maintenance package "Safety Clean"

The "Safety Clean" package includes all services from the "Classic" package and additionally the replacement of nozzles to ensure the cleaning result. The package is customised to suit your system. A system that is maintained regularly is like a well looked after car: Not only does it last longer, it also gives you a better feeling.

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