Modernization and retrofitting

Modernization and retrofitting

Always up to date!

Cleaning systems have a useful life of many years. The requirements for performance and throughput often change over the course of time. The BvL service engineers are happy to advise you on the upgrade options for your system.


  • intensive technical support for optimization of your system
  • adapting the system to current requirements
  • realization of time and cost benefits
  • professional installation of original spare parts
  • manufacturer's quality for maximum safety
Modernization & retrofitting

Automation and efficient operation

Cross movement table, lifting and lowering stations or automatic drive-in and drive-out devices speed up operation and improve work ergonomics. Roller conveyors, fully-automated robot loading and identification systems allow reduced personnel time and even unmanned operation.

Higher throughput with system process optimization

Bath treatment measures such as plate phase separators and centrifuges increase bath life. External vacuum drying allows faster cycle times and nozzle frames can be adapted to special or changed components.

Increased cleanliness requirements

Filter technology reduces particle input into the cleaning bath and prevents already stripped particles from being sprayed back onto the component. A rinsing system with demineralized water washes away cleaner residue.

Process reliability

The Libelle product range monitors, controls and documents the cleaning bath with regard to contamination and cleaner concentration.

Lower costs

BvL energy saving packages such as insulation and conversion of electrical heating to technical heat can lower operating costs.

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