Den Arctic Kühltunnel gibt es bei den BvL-Reinigungsanlagen mit Luft- oder Wasser-Luftkühlung zum Erreichen der erforderlichen Bauteiltemperatur

Cooling tunnel Arctic

Reducing cooling times

Fields of application

The cooling tunnel Arctic brings the components to room temperature after cleaning, e.g. for the case that they must be packaged or are subject to requirements of special leak testing systems. Depending on the customer requierements, the components can also be cooled by water or air-cooled variants. 

  • reaching required component temperature
  • increased flow-rate by reduced cooling time

Available features

  • air cooling system
  • water air cooling system
  • using cooling water from the production process
  • cooling aggregate
Arctic Kühltunnel als Komponente einer Reinigungsanlage

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