Nevada: Umluft-, Heißluft- und Vakuumtrocknung oder Mittel- oder Hochdruckblaseinrichtungen

Drying Nevada

Efficient drying solutions

Different drying methods are available to meet the different requirements for drying results, depending on the components to be cleaned. The integration of external dryers can be practical where the available cycle time is short.

  • achieving the required drying degree
  • increased throughput

Available features

  • circulating air drying
  • hot air drying
  • compressed air impulse blowing device
  • medium pressure blowing devices, heated and unheated
  • high pressure blowing devices with side channel compressors
  • vacuum drying integrated
  • vacuum drying external in different sizes, optionally installed in a housing and process-controlled with built-in sensor
  • heating systems and heating tunnels
Nevada Trocknung, unterschiedliche Verfahren für verschiedene Trocknungsergebnisse

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