Component monitoring

Component monitoring and control

Focus on what’s important: your component

Keeping cleanliness constant for your individual components is absolutely essential when you need to ensure the right level of process reliability. Our Smart Cleaning solutions for component monitoring and control mean that we have a wide range of options for adapting our systems to your use case. These range from mobile cleanliness verification (film contamination) to automated workpiece detection and position monitoring for components to ensure perfect cleaning results.

Libelle Oil Control Solo
  • Mobile component cleanliness verification – checks for film contamination
  • Post-cleaning result inspection
Workpiece identification
  • Automatically scans codes on workpieces or carriers
  • Assignment and logging of processing stages and cleaning results
Our innovation: Libelle Product ControlSelf-learning app for component monitoring

Correct component positioning is an important precondition for achieving reliable cleaning results. The Position Monitoring app from Libelle Product Control monitors components before and (if required) after cleaning, and evaluates their status with artificial intelligence.

Libelle Product Control
  • Visual monitoring of components before and (if necessary) after cleaning
  • Photos are evaluated by artificial intelligence and results forwarded to the system operator or the control unit
Self-leaning app
  • In-process learning procedure with 200 to 300 photos per component
  • Takes local ambient conditions into account
  • Quality and process assurance for optimum cleaning
Position Monitoring app
  • Monitors component position (no rotated parts)
  • Counts components
  • Component Detection app
  • Spot Detection app
  • Material Defect/Damage app
  • Dimensional Accuracy app
Product Control

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