Geyser high-pressure cleaning system for the highest requirements
Die Reinigungsanlage Geyser der BvL Oberflächentechnik bewegt, genau wie ein Geysir, Wassermassen mit hohem Druck.

Geyser high-pressure processes

A flexible cleaning system that delivers the highest level of cleanliness using high pressure

The Geyser uses high-pressure processes to reliably clean, deburr and strip paint and can easily handle even the largest containments. Oils, shavings, welding residues, paints or hard rust are reliably removed without leaving any traces.

The frequency-controlled high-pressure pump ensures maximum flexibility with a variable pressure range of between 100 and 3000 bar. Depending on the workpiece, material and degree of contamination, the cleaning process can be individually controlled using robot technology. The Geyser thus delivers optimum cleanliness even for technical parts with challenging geometries.

  • High-pressure processes for optimum cleanliness
  • Individual use: Cleaning, deburring or paint stripping
  • Variable pressure range allows for flexible cleaning applications
  • Replaceable water tools such as multiple rotating nozzles or individual lances
  • Easily combined with pre-cleaning, fine cleaning, drying and cooling processes

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